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Depositing with prepaid payments at online casinos is a popular and secure method for players who prefer not to use traditional banking options or wish to manage their gambling budget effectively. Here’s how you can use prepaid payments for both deposits and withdrawals, along with important considerations regarding account verification, limits, fees, and bonuses.

PaysafeCard, a widely used prepaid voucher, is readily available at retail outlets and occasionally online. Acquiring a prepaid voucher in cash from a brick-and-mortar vendor represents the sole method for players in numerous regions to fund their online casino accounts with cash.
Entropay, once a favored choice in online casinos, functioned akin to an e-wallet, with credits loaded onto a virtual VISA card. This setup enabled users to execute transactions sans a tangible card. However, Entropay ceased its operations in the year 2019.
Neosurf presents a secure method for players to immediately bolster their online casino balance. It facilitates the use of cash for obtaining preloaded vouchers at local retailers. This payment solution is predominantly favored by the French gaming community.

Depositing with Prepaid Payments

  1. Obtaining a Prepaid Card or Voucher: Purchase a prepaid credit card or a voucher card like Paysafecard from retail outlets such as gas stations or supermarkets, or online. These come preloaded with amounts ranging from €10 to €100.
  2. Making a Deposit:
    • For voucher cards, enter the numerical code at the online casino’s cashier section to deposit the funds instantly. Unused balances remain on the card for future use, and multiple vouchers can be combined for a single payment.
    • For prepaid credit cards, the process mirrors that of regular credit card transactions. Enter your card details at the casino’s cashier, choose the deposit amount, and confirm the transaction using the CVC code.

Withdrawing to Prepaid Payments

Withdrawals to prepaid cards can be more complex due to varying card features and casino policies.

  • Paysafecard: Some casinos allow withdrawals back to Paysafecard, but this requires a Paysafecard account, and the feature is not universally supported.
  • Prepaid Credit Cards: While some prepaid cards offer the option for withdrawals through an associated account, this is not always available, and when it is, it may come with high fees.
  • Alternative Withdrawal Methods: Often, the most viable option for prepaid card users is to opt for a bank wire transfer for withdrawals, which requires entering bank details at the casino’s cashier.

Account Verification

  • While most prepaid payment methods do not require account verification, some options that allow linking to a personal account might require it, especially for large transactions. Verification typically involves submitting ID and proof of address.

Limits and Fees

  • Deposit Limits: Vary by card type and casino, with prepaid credit cards generally offering higher limits comparable to standard credit cards, whereas voucher cards might have lower maximum limits.
  • Transaction Fees: Prepaid credit card transactions are often free at online casinos, similar to regular credit cards. Voucher cards typically do not incur additional fees for use, though there may be a purchase fee when buying the voucher.

Prepaid Payments Bonus at Online Casinos

  • Prepaid payments usually qualify for welcome bonuses and other promotions in online casinos, making them an attractive option for new players. Always check the bonus terms and conditions to ensure compatibility with your chosen prepaid payment method.

In summary, prepaid payments provide a secure and flexible option for online casino transactions, supporting both deposits and, in some cases, withdrawals. They offer the benefits of controlled spending, security, and eligibility for bonuses, making them an excellent choice for many players. Always review the specific terms related to limits, fees, and bonuses at your chosen online casino to ensure the best gaming experience.

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